Our Milestones

2006 - 2007
ForestONE is being conceptualised as the revolution, next generation loyalty reward program through community spending. Effort has been poured into research to realise this concept.
2008 - 2010
Research has refined the aforementioned concept within the context of Digital Eco-system, where KRA (Key Result Area) identified. KRA including Cashless Spending Acceptance, Merchant Acceptance, Marketing and Branding differentiation and implementation strategies.
2011 - 2012
Implemented a Pilot Program of Going Cashless with an International Motorsport Event (SUPER GT) held in Sepang F1 Circuit, Malaysia in 2011 and 2012. Over 100,000 attendance over 2 years been given a Touch & Go payment card that’s double as a ticket and the means of payment for all purchase during event (F&B, Merchandise). The pilot program is deemed a success with the general acceptance and successful transaction experience by the public.
Public acceptance towards cashless society and e-commerce/m-commerce starting to soar and recognising the wider public acceptance, ForestONE continued to refine its product and digital eco-system research and marketing strategy.
As a continuance of ForestONE marketing strategy, ForestONE, together with affiliated logistic company SEND sponsored JP Moto Malaysia Racing Team inaugural and 2nd season participation in Moto2 Motorcycle World Championship Series. With the over-achievement of points scoring season, it garners world wide TV exposure to the sponsors livery on bike and also introduce ForestONE to its home audience in Malaysia and other neighbouring countries such as Indonesia and Thailand that is passionate about motorcycle racing.

Furthermore as a continuation of SEND branding promotion, MotoGP 5 times World Champion Jorge Lorenzo has been signed up as SEND Ambassador.
2015 till date
SEND, the revolution last mile on-demand delivery platform was launched after the successful sponsorship of Moto2 Racing team. SEND instantaneously became a hit in Malaysia with thousands of vehicle owners sign up as SENDer and SEND has powered thousands of e-commerce, online traders and even traditional logistic firms last mile delivery since 2015.
As a continuous innovation, refinement and execution to ForestONE digital eco-system design blueprint and encouragement with the success of SEND, SENDingDong was launched and is positioned to serve the niche but high value, high time-sensitve e-commerce market of Memorable Gifting (e.g Valentine gifts, Festival Hampers). Till date, thousands of S.K.U has signed up with thousands more transactions has been successfully executed with high return customers.
Q1 – Q2 2018
ForestONE finalised its go to market business model with technological development being performed to create its ubiquitous lifestyle and reward App. Pre-operation planning including merchant sourcing and onboarding.
Q3 2018
Pre-operation merchant acquisition drive successfully on-board Malaysia nationwide retail focus merchants in Groceries, Petrol, Food-Chain, e-Commerce platform, physical merchandising stores. With more such as bill payment in the pipeline.
Q4 2018
ForestONE begins its Pilot Program with the rolling out of ForestONE App, with focus on acceptance and feedback from targeted segmentation for ForestONE community building and transaction handling with merchants. Acceptance of ForestONE program has been encouraging with closing rate for member joining at 80% upon introduction and explanation of ForestONE program.

Being a Pilot, program feedback are being used to improve App user experience and refined ForestONE marketing materials to target to a wider public.
Q1 2019
ICO - look out for our updates!
Vietnam Community Setup (May 8th 2019)
  • Facebook for Forest1 ICO setup and ready to go (May 11th 2019)
  • Twitter for Forest1 ICO setup and ready to start (May 13th 2019)
  • LinkedIn for Forest1 ICO setup and ready to start (May 14th 2019)
  • Singapore Community Setup (June 1st 2019)
  • Forest1 Coin Member Dashboard is Ready (July 20th 2019)
  • Private Sales Begin (July 2019)
  • Programming of Forest1 Coin on the Stellar Blockchain is completed (July 2019)
  • 1st Batch of FOC is sent out (July 2019)
  • Aiming to onboard 99 Speedmart as one of ForestONE Platform’s Merchants (July 2019) First Roadshow in Vietnam (July 21st 2019)
  • First Roadshow in Singapore (July 31st 2019)
  • Aiming to integrate payment capabilities into the ForestONE Application for Telecommunications Companies like Maxis, Digi and Celcom. (August 1st 2019)
  • Integration of Forest1 Coin Balance to Main Application is completed (Initial Function would be to use Forest1 Coinsto redeem FOC Vouchers, the Forest1 Coin weekly grand draw function starts only after Mid Cap is reached) (20th August 2019)
  • 2nd Batch of Forest1 coins is sent out (24th August 2019)
  • Total Targeted member count on ForestONE Main Application: 200,000 (10th September 2019)
  • Testing of Fiat on Ramp payment structures (Subjected to Regulations Control) (25th September 2019)
  • Participated in the Korean Blockchain Week as a sponsor

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